The Jeff Hotel project is being led by Sandstone Properties, Inc. Founder and CEO Eri Kroh. Sandstone Properties began as a single, personally funded investment in Santa Monica, and has since grown into a $650 million portfolio including a broad spectrum of office, retail, industrial, multi-family and hospitality real estate.


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Nakada+ reimagines urban buildings and public spaces through research, innovative design and collaboration. As a Los Angeles-based architectural studio, Nakada’s design leadership has guided private developers, public agencies and universities in the creation of one-off projects; from high-rise buildings in downtowns, warehouse conversions in historic districts, to the creation of a commercial harbor. Nakada+ is Sandstone Properties’ architect-of-record for The Jeff Hotel.


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ESA is a West Coast-based environmental science and planning firm committed to the principles of sustainability with a focus on community planning, technical studies and investigations, environmental impact assessment and documentation, and environmental compliance. For 50 years, ESA has guided integrated decision-making by developing innovative and workable solutions that inform development projects based on science, policy, and planning.


Crain & Associates is a leading transportation planning and traffic engineering firm in Southern California, having influenced growth in the region for over 30 years through innovative transportation solutions.  From concept to construction, Crain’s dedicated staff of engineers and planners provide a broad range of services including transportation impact analysis, parking demand analysis, complete streets planning, transportation demand management, traffic signal design, striping and signage design, and site access/circulation planning and design.


For more than 30 years as OLS Hotels & Resorts, we built our authority by immersing ourselves in small-scale hospitality management with a focus on 150 rooms or less. Now, we’re ready to launch into the next 30 years (and beyond) as Springboard Hospitality. Not only a name change, our new identity underscores a commitment to pushing creative boundaries and launching more meaningful connections through tech. With proven expertise developing and managing forward-looking properties in now 9 U.S. states, we’re known for seamlessly navigating vital asset operations, from revenue management and human resources to marketing, food and beverage, and more. As Springboard, we emphasize the importance of progressive innovation as an integral component to your success. We’re here to stay. We’re devoted to ensuring your asset is, too.